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Live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Pre-IDO sold out.
1000+ participants.
4 Billion+ BITA sold.
$1M+ raised.

About Us

BitAstir aims to accelerate the decentralization of sports through a sophisticated application of blockchain technology. BitAstir will serve multiple functions.

A broker for athletic talent

BitAstir's first feature will be the BitAthlete system. BitAthlete will allow althetes to kick start the monitezation of their talent.

A talent management platform

The BitAthlete system will live on the BitaSport platform. BitAthlete's will have full control of their profiles and portfolios.

A platform for monetizing & managing athletes

The BitaSport platform will also be accesible to Talent Managers and Supporters who will be able to carry out their own respective roles.

An authority for the Sports Industry

The BitAstir DSO will dictate the future of the BitaSport platform. A few ideas we have are decentralized streaming and decentralized fantasy sports.


Your seat at the table.

Owning BITA unlocks the world of BitAstir.With the intention of providing an alternative monetary asset that supersedes all existing options,$BITA takes on the 3 core values that define money - Unit of Account, Medium of Exchange, and Store of Value.
Token Distribution has begun! Read the official Token Distribution Announcement

The Power of $BITA

What can I do with BITA?

BITA is the ERC20 token protocol that is the lifeblood of BitAstir. There are 3 main utilities for the $BITA token.
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- Governance -

Be a Voice in the DSO

At its core, BITA is a governance token with the primary purpose of giving the holder power within the organization. To wield BITA in this way, holders must stake their tokens. The vessel that is BitAstir will be steered by these stakers. Individual stakers will submit proposals, and stakers in the organization will vote on them.
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- Staking -

Put Tokens to Work

Staking is a form of capital commitment. BitAstir's main philosophy of staking is an inverted model, where holders can stake their tokens towards athletes allowing them to become BitAthletes.
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- Providing Liquidity -

Expand The BITA Pool

Where staking is comitting capital to an athlete, providing liquidity is comitting capital to the organization. Liquidity is the cornerstone of any financial instrument. For BitAstir to thrive, participants must commit to the organization via Liquidity Pools (LPs).
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- Tiers -

Climb the Ranks

Regardless of wether you stake towards athletes (pure-staking) or towards the organization (LP-staking), BITAstir will leverage a tiered structure based on asset weight - the higher your status, the bigger your voice.10,000 Tokens Staked- Baby Broker.100,000 Tokens Staked- Broker.1,000,000 Tokens Staked- Big Broker.10,000,000 Tokens Staked- WWW Broker (World Wide Wonder Broker).


BitAstir's Vision


Token Launch

Token live on the Ethereum blockchain on September 1st 2021.

BitAthletes Are Born

Athletes gathered from around the world to participate in the BitaSport platform.

Launch BitaSport

BitaSport platform for participation in the Bita world launched.

Decentralize Everything

Additional features such as decentralized sports streaming, decentralized fantasy sports and much more.
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Turning Athletes into Assets

Smart Features

Mint NFTs

Kick start your athletic career by monetizing your skills. The BitaSport platform will allow seamless minting of Athlete Tokens via our BitAthlete system.
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Facilitate Investments

You can offer tiered rewards for NFT holders to incentivize sales of tokens. You're free to get as creative as you want with rewards. Update rewards monthly or yearly to create a market for the tokens.

Bita Genesis

The Bita Genesis Collection

The Bita Genesis Collection is the commemorative NFT collection of BITAstir available on OpenSea!



The BitaSport Platform

The BitaSport platform will bring together Athletes, Managers, Supporters and Fans all in one place for a seamless experience.

Our Team

The talented individuals bringing the BitAstir vision to life.

Fritz Valdeus

Fritz Valdeus

Sports Guru
Andrey Didovskiy

Andrey Didovskiy

System Architect
Losaire Bien-Aime

Losaire Bien-Aime

Financial Advisor
Omran Khoja

Omran Khoja

Software Engineer
Zachary Roehn

Zachary Roehn

Engineer - NFT Design
Jean Eddy Ulysse

Jean Eddy Ulysse

General Advisor